Guys, would you date a girl with ocd?

ocd means obsessive compulsive disorder. My therapist just told me I have that and I probably will have to take medication for it. I´m a completely normal. I have a lot fo friends, I go out with them, I go to college, I´m going to graduate next year, I´m attractive, I´m totally normal. Except that I´m obsessed with having a serious illness. A lot of things happened in my life lately (family members getting sick and others dying because of awful diseases) and I´ve developed this uncontrolable fear.

So, I´m totally normal, people around me don´t notice I have this, but I go to the doctor a lot for check ups, I read a lot about illnesses I think I may have and I get really worried.

Since my therapist told me I have this I have been feeling very unattractive and definetely not sexy. I feel as if nobody would want to date me or consider me for a serious relationship.

So, my question is, would you date a girl like me? I have no problems in relationships with people, bonding, going out, having fun, having sex, nothing, just this fear of getting sick...


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  • Yes I would date you. We all have some kind off ocd even if it's very mild and not noticeable.

    I spouse depends how bad it is but I see no reason why you would not get a date

  • If you're attractive then it shouldn't be a problem.


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