Should I re-initiate contact?

Me + this girl are penpals, but spoken over FB, text and phone. I harshly deleted her and we fell out. I apologized but got no reply, so left it a week and a half and this conversation happened:

(Sent 1-2 of these messages to each other every day)

[me] How's grumpy guts been lately? Don't be angry with me, because I reckon you can raise me one better with a smile! (They look like this by the way --> :-) ) I don't wanna argue or fall out over something stupid with you, would still like us to be friends. You game with that? x

[her] me grumpy? I think it's you that went on the deleting spree. don't call me grumpy because you're aware it was you in the wrong now. but here's the smile you're after :) x

[me] Decent smile that! And yeah I was, but I'm considering going on an adding spree for a change this time, looking for suggestions on who to add though.. any ideas? x

[her] someone you're not going to go into a grump with for nothing and delete after a while, as that would be pointless :) x

[me] Hmm, that description does seem familiar.. depends on if this girl will accept my add though? I've forgotten where this delete button is x

[her] that might save you from getting in to trouble in future x

[me] Depends on what sort of trouble it is.. also sent her that request. It's just whether Facebook will allow me to add such a pretty name like hers back x

[her] I guess you'll just have to wait and see x

[me] Wasn't much of a wait! you need to work on that x

[her] Well you can always delete me again and see how long it takes me to accept next time if you like :)

[me] Well I don't fancy waiting years, that's a very long time. Not something I want to do.. should know that by now ;)

[her] wise choice :)

[me] I think I can get a follow back on twitter from her too. But only on one condition.. it has to be before I turn grey and wrinkly!

[her] we'll see

[me] Ha okay

[her] done :)

[me] That’s good, to think my twitter wasn’t the same without that follow of yours :O

[her] glad I made everything okay

[me] So how much trouble you been up to?

[her]me? trouble? never

[me] I bet it’s secretly your middle name..

[her] it's not

[me] maybe I should become a detective, see whether you're lying!

[her] my middle name is margaret hahaha

[me] I thought it was beautiful? Damn, time to quit that detective career of mine :/ Gonna start calling you maggie

[her] I'd rather you didn't like

[me] Okay maggie.. woops :)

[her] not talking to you

[me] How long can you keep that up for?

I got no reply from this.

2 days after I post on twitter "Rubicon is the best drink ever!". 2 hours later, she ends up replying to my tweet saying "possibly the best thing you've ever said" after I retweeted some other girl's reply to me.

I ended up not responding to her tweet, so I matched her effort of contact. Been 2-3 days since that, should I re-initiate contact?


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  • You should really re-initiate contact. Don't let the interest go down.

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