Should I call this girl back?

I went out with a girl last week. At the end of the date I got a "we should hang out some time". So Later in the week I sent her a text saying I had a great time and I would call her. A few days later I followed that text with a phone call and left a message. It has now been 5 days and she hasn't called me back. Should I giver her more time to get in touch with me? , Should I call her again? , or should I move on?. I hate this stuff. Lol.


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  • Yea you should move on :( it was not a match for her I don't think. If not she would have answered the text if not right away a couple of hours later, or if she really wanted to act hard to get she would have answered your phone call and ignored the text. I would ignore her if she likes you she will contact you!

    • Why do girls do these things? If they don't want to see you again how hard is it to call the person and let them know? It is the least you can do. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

    • I know I am sorry we sometimes do this to the nicest guys cause we don't know how tell them it was not a match. Because nothing is wrong with you she was just not feeling it! Good Luck I am sure you will find someone better!

  • Let her do the calling now. You should still go out with other girls instead of waiting around.


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