Dating Muslim Lebanese man

This sounds stereotypical to say but I went into this thing with him having an open mind. We have only been dating for a short time. I am Hispanic and I have 3 kids. He has no kids. He said he takes things one day at a time and was just looking to see where this could go. He pressured me for s*x and normally I am the type to wait until some type of commitment was made but I have been told that I hold s*x over a mans head like its a prize and that it was silly. So just going with however I felt we did end up taking it there. Things changed. Suddenly he was less available and most communication was through text. Now it's barely that. He said he never judges women on how soon they "give it up" but I feel like that's exactly what he did. He never lied to me, we are both adults and agreed to keep it casual and see where it goes but now it's like he's not as interested and it has me wondering if he did judge me. He says he's not looking for a relationship and its for a million reasons but nothing about race or religion (he did mention his family) Now I feel ashamed. So which is it? Leave s*x as a natural thing or hold out until you see where it goes? And do you think me having kids and not waiting to have s*x with him is an issue for Lebanese Muslim men? It was doomed from the start?


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  • Just don't date Muslims as a non-Muslim. It's just bad news.

    My guess is he truly thinks you are a slut and that you aren't worthy of dating.

    You were used.


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  • I think he was trying to manipulate you from the start and playing games with you. Fortunately, you were smart enough not to fall for his whims