Dating 2 guys at once....

Im dating this guy been dating for 2months and its going no where! he start to get distance so I figured its his way of saying he wasn't interested! so when my best friend asked me on a date I said yes since we have always had feelings for each other! but now this guy is close again now and were still dating! I really wanna break up with him but stay friends but don't know how to say it


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  • You have to prioritize.

    First break up with the guy you don't want to date anymore (I didn't understand who it was in your text).

    Then leave the door open to friendship.

    Anyway, once you get romantically involved, chances of preserving a friendship after a break-up are quite low.

  • You should just choose one, wisely.

    • so carry on dating both and see which I most connect with?

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