Why is she not answering?

Well, this is my first question on this site, and I have extreme gratitude for those who answer.

Now, I hadn't talked to my ex in over 6 months when she texts me saying she broke up with this guy. But we talked and I found out, she had s*x with him multiple times. She told me this the night she broke up with him. Now she invited herself over to my house tomorrow, I tried to text her today just for a conversation and she won't even answer me!

Is this something wrong with me? Is she going through the break up?

I just want her happy.


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  • First off, nothing is wrong with you or what you did that I can see. A single text message isn't going to make her hate you or not want to talk to you unless you insulted her (which it doesn't sound like you did). During an emotional trauma some girls do not like to talk to anyone. If I have this right, she texted you on the night of the break up. She may be regretting reaching out. Not because you did something wrong, you sound very nice. Some girls don't like to talk to their exes. She knew she could come to you and maybe she remembers you as the last nice guy she was with/spoke to and she wanted that kindness to feel better. All of us at one time or another have gotten caught up in the why didn't he/she text back?! but here's the thing. There can be many reasons why she didn't. She didn't feel up to it, she was busy, her phone was off/dead, she was with friends, she didn't see hear it, she didn't want to talk right then, and the list goes on and on. As trite as this may sound, I always say " you don't know until you know." half the time we assume the reason is negative or about us, but it isn't always. You will find out because she will tell you or you may never and eventually it won't be important.

    Now you did not expressively say this in what you wrote, but I feel that you still have feelings for her. Now if this is the case, know that there is no guarantee that by coming to you and you being her shoulder to cry on, that she will want you back. She was dating other people and will more than likely continue dating others. You are her friend now, someone who is kind to her and makes her feel better. I'm not saying that can't ever change, but it is unlikely.

    I believe you do want her to be happy. With that I said above, if you can comfort her without expecting anything or having a hidden agenda (i.e wanting her to fall for you again) then go for it. If not, then it is best if you are honest about that. It will just end up hurting in the end. I've been there, so I do understand.

    I wish you the best! You sound very sweet so I hope it all works out in the end for you.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you.

    She's trying hard to move on.

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