Why do guys talk to you one minute, and the next minute their ignoring you?

So there is this guy that delivers stuff to my store every night and we have been talking for a year. We exchanged numbers and we would text for awhile. Then sometimes he would say to text him, so I do, but he doesn’t reply. Other times he would say that he would text me but he never does. Sometimes when I text him, he doesn’t reply at all, but I see him online on Facebook with his phone, so I’m pretty sure he’s seen the text. He’s asked me to hang out multiple times too, but he would never text me to confirm or what not. I have given him so many chances hoping he’ll change, but he hasn’t and I’m starting to think he ever will. But, here’s the thing. When he comes into the store, he would talk to me and sometimes even flirt with me. Not only that, he starts the conversation first. He would always ask me what I was doing, who I was going with, where I was going. Honestly, he doesn’t have to talk to me; he can just come in drop off the stuff and leave. I am literally going crazy over this and I honestly don’t understand what his deal is. Does anybody have any answers?


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  • It seems that he does like you, though he's just shy that's why he tends to shy and be unresponding. Happens to some guys.

    • Its just really frustrating. Like I don't understand why he would tell me to text him, but won't reply and say he'll text me but never do. Don't say something that you don't mean. So you think he does actually like me though right?

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