How can you tell if he likes you or is just using you?

There's a lot of things that make this so confusing. One we live eight hours apart. Two there's a six years age difference. I met him through my older sister and she's always telling me to stay away from him. The guy is my sisters fiancé friend and they all live in the same house. When I first met him he flirted a lot and I flirted right back. Then after I left we played words with friends and he messaged me on there and the conversation ended with him asking for my number. I gave it to him and he texted me three days later. The thing that gets me though is one day he'll text me and then it will be weeks or even months before he'll text me again. I just went up to see my sister three weeks ago I was really excited to maybe see him and talk but he stayed down stairs the whole time because he was sick. He messaged me on Facebook and apologized for not getting to see me though. I guess the age difference would make this easier to understand. He's 23 and I just turned 17 this year but we had talked when I was 16 too. He's already told me to that he basically likes me but my sister says when he drinks he hooks up with a lot of girls. So that makes me feel like he's just wanting to hook up. I had finally stopped thinking about him and then yesterday he texts me and said hey and I responded and long story short the night before that I had a dream about him. It wasn't a bad dream and nothing happened in it but I told my sister and then she must have told him because he said he was sorry for creeping in my dreams. and the conversation got a little bit intense and sexual. It ended with what would have happened if it was his dream and then he asked me if I would have changed anything and I said yes. Then I told him what I wished would have happened and I'm going to stop right there. I know this isn't the best explanation, I'm just so confused.


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  • Age gap is not as significant when you are mature enough to make wise life choices for yourself.

    I'm 17 too, but I completely recognized my capability for being a dumb sh*t.

    Don't go after creepy guy who would hook up with a 16 year old. Find a nice boy, closer to your age.


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  • You need someone your own age, especially because of the illegalities right now. Under 18, as well as under 21

    Also, what's with all the anonymity, bro?

  • If he has half a brain cell you can't


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