Is being a model a good or bad thing when it comes to dating?

Don't tell me you don't care because people do react. I've been modelling since I was 14. An agency came up to me and I lived in Paris so I had the oppurtunity. Now I moved to NYC for University and I sitll go to a lot of castings to get some money on the side. But I do not and never wanted to become professional. It's just a part time job.

And I don't know my dating life just sucks. Back in france I got hit one a lot but I didn't have relationship either. I've never kissed or even held hans. And here in New York it's even worse. I barley ever get hit on and when I tell guys I talk to that I model, I feel they always react very negativley and distance themselves. I know I don't have to tell them but I don't want to lie when they ask me what I do

I don't have high expectations in a guy either, I just want a normal,average relationship


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  • I always thought it would be cool to date a model -even a kind of dream.

    But to my knowledge, models are tall; as in typical models are around my height (5'8.5") or even taller, and according to GAG most girls will only date guys who are taller than they are (surprisingly some very short girls only go for guys who are at least 6' tall).

    If the guys are already talking to you but stop after you tell them the modeling thing, that's because they think you can have any guy you want (except for guys who think they are so awesome they can do better or are used to dating attractive women) -so if he thinks he is 'just' an average joe he might assume you think of him as a short term relationship only. Another possibility is that some people will think all models are extremely experienced in bed (which is a very intimidating/gross/scary thing to both genders).

    If it makes you feel any better, you could probably date most guys if you went up to them and asked them to hang out with you (at least the guys who didn't approach you because you seemed out of their league). I would probably use this tactic more if I knew women found me attractive, but last I checked I'm an average joe who is slightly shorter than average -meaning I will be shot down because of height competition if taller guys of similar attraction or better are around.

    • I am tall but for a model I'm fairly short, I actually am a lol over 5'8 and I know tons of guys who are my height or taller so it's not really an issue.

      But I read a lot those dating advice books and they all recommend you shouldn't ask him out

    • I'm hoping you mean "you shouldn't ask out guys" not "you shouldn't ask out people who are close to your height or shorter"...

      That tears it! I'm going to try and become LIKE a male model -despite my height disadvantage. The body is just a biological machine and genes are just on-and-off switches. It might be too late to do anything about bone length, but I'll be damned if I don't find a way to flip my other switches.

    • Well, if you are referring to the former, the reason you shouldn't ask him out is he will think you are slutty and looking for a one-night stand.

      That's why you should just try to friend him first and then advance quickly (within the next few 'dates') before he becomes like a brother or something.

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  • Modelling is a pain in the ass. My sister was a model and it's one of those life situations where the grass looks greener from the outside but once you are in, it's not as much fun as it appeared. You get way too much attention and all everyone wants to do is take advantage of you. As a model, you are a trophy to display, a prize to be won. My sister hated other models because they were as stuck up and arrogant as any sorority chick in college but worse. In addition, models are very beautiful, which means most of them as on anonymous person put it, have very high standards in their partners. Just how it is. I can count on one hand how many ugly men have model-type girlfriends here. Sucks spider hairs with lice.

    Old saying I saw in a movie which has merit: "If pushing does not work, try pulling." This means if the men are not coming to you, you to go them. Disbelieving? Make some aggressive moves on me, I'll take you in!

    Oh DO try us!

  • a girl who did modelling had strong feelings for me...but a guy like me don't like attention at I just ignored her and she really got upset which sucked by the way(you know people getting upset because of you)

    i mean try to approach guys who can handle attention or otherwise they may end up approaching you

  • Many guys feel discouraged, if the girl is very good looking. They'll think, "She's out of my league" or "She must have a boyfriend".

    But, obviously, if you enjoy modelling and you're good at it, you should continue. I think perhaps you should emphasize your personality to relax guys you like who might be nervous towards you.

    I do a lot of online dating. When I see the profile of a model, I instantly think "She'll never go out with me" or (even if she's very good looking) "Is she really a model or some sort of scam artist?"

  • Being a model is actually in your favor.

    Most guys will find you attractive, but most will just shy away and never approaches because they think that you're of higher status than them.


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