I have only 4 days to date my boyfriend, what am I gonna do to make it fun?

Me and my boyfriend are in relationship for about 2 years and he's gonna come to me in next few months..He's in other country and if he would come to me it will be really great..i really don't know is there any activities which I can do for him or to surprise him...i think this will be the first and the last time I could see his face..because he can't marry me..actually he's a Muslim and I am a Budhist..so its kinda impossible for us...however, I just need to make him happy after all and surprise him..is there any idea for me please?


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  • Its really sad that religion is your excuse for not being able to marry. I understand that in certain cultures there is very big family pressure, but I do not believe Budhist beliefts nor Muslim work to deny happiness.

    However, for ideas you should go someplace different. Make things memorable with the "little things" as in, go to a location you have never been and take a walk talking. Or cook him a lovely meal. Avoid things that are trivial like movies, unless it is snuggling together and watching something in the privacy of each others arms.

    Think of what he likes, and find a way to incorporate one of those things into a date. Subtlety or not, it will let him know you care and think of him.

    • thank you so much Vendrix...i hope I could cook him sth special nor do sth romantic with him...and give him a kiss..

    • My pleasure, best of luck!

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  • I am Muslim, and I don't see problem marrying any religion, but my family isn't that forceable, just they wouldn't like it, but they can stop me if I really love the girl and they will accept it with time. About your question as long as you smile he wouldn't get bored I think.

    • thanks you alot...i hope he doensot mind me but his parents are so religious..they want him to marry only Muslim girl..so I think I will be a broken heart girl for my whole life...or else I will marry guy I don't love...and I am not sure about him..his parents will hate him much if he said he loves whom not a Muslim ...

    • Religion shouldn't be reason people to be unhappy, it have to make people happy doesn't it? My family would want me to marry a Muslim girl also, but if they will not accept me because I marry the girl I love it's their opnion. If I really love the girl nothing would stop me to marry her.

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  • If he truly loves you then whatever you do will make him happy. Truly speaking just seeing you will make him happy.

    As to answer your question:

    welcome him with open arms

    Take him sight seeing

    instead of going to cinema plan a movie marathon at home with a few candles to create a homey, romantic ambience. With your and his favorite ice cream

    Just be yourself to be honest

    If you truly love him I'd advice you to consider adopting Islam -it's a religion that reveals something interesting everyday-never gets old. That's coming from a Muslim

  • picnic? ice skating?

    • Actually here I am in poor country near Vietnam...we don't have snow and all but we do have historical place such as temple mountain and all those type