Does this make sense to anybody?

so there's this boy and I could probably talk about the stituation for two weeks straight.

anyways we were good friends then he wasn't talking to me as much. and I understood because he had a girlfriend and such and he was busy with school. anyways I was kind of hurt that he was ignoring my texts. so I sent him a message on fb just asking him if everything was alright between us and if I did anything. he said that everything was fine.

i texted him like once after that and he answered and then never again. so this January I made the decision that I nedd to move on and forget about him. I deleted him off of fb, twitter, everything. Unfortunatley I couldn't help myself from texting him a couple weeks ago and he answered. I thought that maybe since him and his girlfriend broke up he would talk more. well, I was wrong. I texted him a few more times and I got no reply. Even worse, he lives in Boston where the bombings just happened and he didn't even answer my text just to make sure he was alright.

well, just today he friend requested me on fb which means he saw I deleted him. so why would he add me on fb but not answer my texts? should I accept it? or should I wait to see if he tries to contact me?


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  • He just want to keep the friendship.

    Perhaps, he lost his phone.


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  • You were talking to a guy with a sound like an ass

    • um we were friends before they started dating

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    • im sorry I didn't know it was illegal to talk to friends of the opposite sex while they were in relationships


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  • You should accept it wait till he contacts you on fb and text, so don't reach out to him, if he doesn't bother to reach out to you just delete him again, this is you giving hi like a second chance and if he screws up then delete him and move on best of luck:)