Girls, Is it actually more special?

Is it actually more special if the guy waits till the second hang out to kiss you? All these girls keep telling me it is because it shows that I respect Ed and want to get to know her better before kissing her. Personally I see that as a load of BS but what are you girls's opinion on this?

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  • I agree with them Unless this girl that you are seeing is (don't take offense on this) a slut, she will be completely shocked when you don't kiss her that first night. I actually just wrote on the "reality" thing my "perfect first date" and kissing on it was NOT part of it. Wait until the second one. The first one is ONLY to get you and her acquainted with each other. It should be a lunch or out for coffee of something similar. The second date, ie. Movie and dinner, would be the one where you should kiss her for the first time. But don't do it at a cheesy part of the movie.. lol.

    • She did come over to my house for a movie :/ we are friends from school and she knows that I like her too. I just got really nervous and I didn't want to get rejected

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