Why did he not text me back?

okay I'm always rejected by guys its seems:(...but after the "clues" I got I thought for sure this guy somewhat liked me.

We're both in college, and in the same group for a project (that now finished). We all had each others' numbers in an email. Never texted him during the project but asked him something about the upcoming test.

Thought he liked me because: he was nice to me and talk to me walking outside of class, and they at least 5x caught him looking at me and glancing and turning back to do what he was doing for no reason.

I text him and he didn't reply back, text him again 2 days later same question...no response.

We never texted each other at all during the course of the semester. Then as I went to write my test today he saw me walk down the hall looked straight at me and kept looking and I just ignored him and walked past.

What gives?


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  • I think you need to learn to read the signs of when someone is interested in you.From what you wrote here,it just sounds like he was being friendly and you wanted it to be something else.And very often,sometimes I think someone is looking at me,and they are looking at the person next to me,staring into nothingness,looking at a poster etc.At the end of the day,you know he is NOT interested because he is not pursuing you in any shape,form,or fashion.

    Also,if you THINK you are always rejected by guys,you WILL be...always rejected by guys.

    And try this for once,how about flirting with a guy you think is interested,and wait for him to hunt you down to call you and text you.

    But if you have been rejected often in the past,its probable you need to freshen up your skills of knowing when someone is interested in dating you or just being friendly...good luck.

    • I know but I've tried so hard to figure out the "signs" even read stuff on it/YouTubed it. It just really sucks :(

      I don't want to start flirting with a guy if I don't know he's interested or not or he hasn't flirted with me first.

      thanks for your help anyways.

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    • has to be,I mean..at the most random times he is near you.In or around your inner circle.Are his pupils dialated?That's a sign someone could be interested.Does he adjust his clothes around you (preening)?Does he compliment you or tease you in a playful way?Does he go out of his way to keep the conversation going?This is EXACTLY why I am a fan of allowing guys to approach YOU.When you start taking ALL of the initiative,its probable you won't know how he feels...because YOU are doing ALL of the

    • WORK.It took me almost all of my 20s to figure out that I SHOULDN'T be chasing a man.Each and every time I gave my number,called the guy first,made plans etc...you know what would happen?He wouldn't respect me.Phone calls weren't returned,I would end up stood up (twice this has happened),texts would go unanswered etc.But I finally decided to step back and allow guys to chase ME and the results have been a complete 180.I flirt in the beginning and let him know to approach,but he does the rest.

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  • Hes probably not interested.

  • It seems that he has given you the wrong number.


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  • We can't know why he didn't text back. Maybe his phone was dead, didn't know who it was and doesn't respond to strangers, didn't have his phone with him, forgot to answer...Or he's just not that into like you thought...