Would you date an aneroxic person?

I'm aneroxic, insecure and clinically depressed, nobody would ever care to give me a hand, I broke up a year ago, and nobody every asks me out. I'm not mean, I'm nice to guys and most of those who know me trust me with their deepest secrets, but nobody considers me as a dating material. Nobody knew about my eating disorder until I was taken to hospital, then they knew but again nobody seemed to care.


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  • I dated a girl that became anorexic during our relationship. Anorexia is no f***ing joke, it is very hard to deal with and the whole thing left me damaged in some ways myself. I stuck by her and helped her and she got over it in the end. Unfortunately, I had become a reminder of that period in her life and I think therefore, she broke up with me. I wouldn't date an anorexic girl anymore. It would consume me dealing with those sort of problems of the person I'm in love with and I don't think I could go through that again. Not because I couldn't love someone anorexic, but because I couldn't bear the pain that it causes.

    On a side note, I don't think your priority should be to be in a relationship. Relationships are a source of insecurity and it could result in you spiralling into negativity. Be happy about yourself first. Try to fight your anorexia by yourself. You don't need others, you must achieve this on your own strength. And when you get on top again and feel good about yourself, that's the moment when you can think about being in a relationship. First love yourself, then you are ready to love another.

    I hope it all works out for you in the end, whatever you decide to do relationship wise.

    • If I were that gal, I would have loved you even more after you've helped through this.

      A relationship is not what I'm looking for, I just want myself back, it's just like I was wondering why people never seem to notice me, even though I help many of them out of their stuff.

      Getting over anorexia seems impossible to me now, my body and mind and everything won't let me escape this f***ing prison

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  • I think I would in general if I liked the girl. I am usually a happy optimistic person though who tries to focus on the positive and to enjoy live in his own way, my own way doesn't include sleeping around, drinking, clubbing.. etc, I rather focus on work, exercise, run, travel to tons of new different places, and follow my search for the one, haha.

    I think dating an aneroxic person would probably be hard for both of us as I would be trying to change the person into a happy one until the last day of my life.. that's just my principle, if you're sad or depressed then there's an issue or issues, whether big or small, and I'll keep fighting until we solve them or get over them. And I believe there's a big power in having someone that helps getting over anything.

    Everyday that passes by won't ever come back again, whatever reasons that make you depressed aren't worth changing your life, probably those words won't make any difference but you just gotta keep trying to focus on the positive in this world, go to new places, meet new people, find what makes you happy and follow your dreams! Good luck!

    • your words made me smile.

      before getting into this, I was pretty the same, I used to get good grades, had lots of friends, and I was a happy teenager

      I don't even know how it all turned this way, aneroxia is harsh, getting over this is just not that easy.

    • I'm glad I at least made you smile, haha, it seems it made a difference after all.

      the fact that you used to be a happy girl means depression isn't your nature, it's up to you to find what changed, probably you're just alone now, just as I said, try new things, I find going to new places very helpful to make me positive when I'm not. you gotta find your thing, I hope you also have a couple of real friends, otherwise, whenever you need someone, just send me a message.

  • My preference is skinny girls so I would date you, and help you with your problem as best as I can.

    My specialty in fitness is administering the right nutrients, macros and micros for people.

    I also got a metabolism problem lol,...tribal metabolism is what I like to call it. I can eat pig, and ill stay fit no matter what haha.

    • Since you would date her, would you think a girl would date an anorexic guy(even tho eats eats but is just so skinny atm) just as easy?

    • aneroxia is not about 'metabolism' it's an eating disorder where you just won't eat, it affects your whole life

  • Well I wouldn't ask 'em to dinner

  • Well I would date a anorexic girl, I think their sexy, but I'm a big man. And as for the attitude thing, I wouldn't date anyone with a bad attitude no matter what they looked like.


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  • First of all, before considering to start dating someone you should try to get better. I wouldn't date someone with such a problem because I wouldn't want to be the reason for which that person is feeling worse than before if any problem occurs in the relationship. And according to me, this is why nobody is asking you out. Seek help from your friends who care about you. Go out with them, have fun. Stop feeling depressed. I'm sure you are a very pretty girl who is just insecure. Don't let this insecurity bring you down.

  • I know your not going to like me saying this but ide rather be anorexic then fat. Being fat feels so bad and I'm depressed because of it and have always been. I have lost some weight but no guys want to date me either and it really hurts my friends are all getting married and I am not even being asked out.

    • aneroxia is not just about food, it's a terrifying lifestyle where all that matters is your weight, I would cry for having a bowl of salad even though it's been two days since I last ate, you feel dizzy and cold all the time, you lose your friends and you're made to eat you probably puke it afterward. Visit a doctor and lose those pounds, it will take time but it won't suck your life :)

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    • if I had seen a doctor from the beginning that would never had happened

    • I was pretty big not just overweight. I am very obsessed with dieting its all I think about. I do weight watchers. See I love to eat a lot so I have to balance my love of food and wanting to look good.