Does she have any interest in me?

I fell in love with my female colleague. she had given me her personal number and had asked me out one night to have dinner together and since then we had come out to have dinner when ever she worked late and I am still in office. After four to five dinner date one to one, she starts to ask another female colleague to tag along. every night after I send her to her home, will send her a message to check whether she had reach home safely and she will reply yes and will ask whether I have reach home also. one time after I send her home, I didn't send her any message as I want to see whether she will text me first. After a long wait, she sent me a nitez at around two am . I had sent her home at around midnight. I was wondering whether she had wait for me to text her as usual to see whether she is home safely and after waiting for quite a while when I didn't text her, she decided to text me instead?


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  • I think she was waiting for you to text her. But I would just ask her.

    I would say something like, are you happy spending time with me. But I would NOT ask her if she had feelings for you, that might scare her off or make her uncomfortable. However if she is hinting you on that she has feelings for you than I would ask her straight up how she feels. Just be careful with your word usage.

    • thanks for the advice, actually I was quite happy when she text me "nitez" . At least I can be sure that at that night before she slept, she had thought of me as to send me a message. If for normal colleague to colleague relationship, she won't even bother. Or this is just my Own selfish thought. From a lady point of view, what do you think?

  • Why don't you flat out ask her if she likes you? ask "do you have feelings for me?"

    • I am waiting for signs from her that she had interest in me before I confess. She had been sending me mixed feeling and now with her good friend (female colleague) tagging along, my confidence had start to be shaken.Anyway I suppose asking her that question need to be at the correct timing wherby when we are alone

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