Marriage proposal? What should I do?

ok so I met my ex this past February and went out for a month. we came to a mutual agreement that it just wasn't working. it was constant fighting and I'm focused on school and he is caught us with work and his life. (hes 20 and was in the navy) and I felt trapped because we never saw each other because he was too busy. we missed his birthday and our one month together.

so I just thought timing wasn't good so I said we can try later. but soon after, he went out with another girl and said he coudnt date her anymore because he was madly in love with me. and I never heard him saw that til then so I was shocked. and when I went out with some other guys, I told him Because I thought it would be fair. but he got super jealous and we lept on fighting.

and then, he proposed!he said I was the girl of his dreams and he wants me to be his forever and that he doesn't see himself with anyone else. I mean, the other guys I went on dates with, I couldn't really see me dating them but this totally took me off guard. he then went into how my picture is the background on every electronic device he has and he keeps one in his pocket. he also says that he isn't single.

and recently on my prom night, he said he was in a relationship with me on fb. now I have already been stressed and confused about a lot of things but this ring he has is really scaring me. I'm only 17. I still want to do a lot in my life and I just can't believe someone can be this serious.

what should I do or what do you think of him? I'm so confused... thanks


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  • Run... as fast as your legs will carry you. You're both too young, and you don't really know each other. Plus, it sounds like he doesn't know what he wants.

    • so I should just ditch him completely?

    • In your situation, I would.

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  • You are too young find someone else you can date, you have your whole life ahead of you.

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