First date... Should I contact him again?

I met this guys last Friday, we had fun, we danced and talk all night long. We went out yesterday. We watched a movie at his place and after that we make out very passionate. He wanted to have sex and I said "No", we continued kissing and dry humping... When it got to late and he was kind of sleepy, I said I think I should go home and we kissed and hug good bye and he said we should do it some other time. Do you think he will text me again? Should I text him today? Do you think he think I am easy?

He also said that I am beautiful and sexy... and when we were watching the movie he hug me and hold hands all the time
I texted him on Sunday just to tell him that I had fun and we should do it again (same message that that guy suggested me to send below) and he responded yea it was fun. Sorry I just got came back

from a basketball game... I saidno worries have a good night.. I did not hear from him since then. I did not text him or call him.. do you think he is not interested anymore? What dod I do wrong?


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  • Just be careful. Make sure he's not just looking to hook up. Any guy wanting just a relationship probably wouldn't jump to sex that fast.

    Even if he texts you again it doesn't mean anything one way or another. You'll need to be around him more without anything physical to see his true intentions. If you guys make out every time you hang out, things could go progressively further each time and that could be exactly what he's looking for. If he continually wants to go out and be with you without anything physical, you'll know he genuinely enjoys being with you as a person

    • Thanks for the advise.. do you think I should text him today or just wait? I don't want him to think that I don't want to see him again or that It was good to DH and that's it.. or that I am desperate or needy... I just want him to know that I am interested to know him more

    • You could always say "Hey, I enjoyed hanging out yesterday. Let's do something again sometime soon." Or something along those lines (of course word it as you normally would and as friendly as you want). That's not needy at all. If I really liked a girl and she texted me something like that after one of our first dates I'd be pretty excited.

    • I don't think you did anything wrong. Either A: You need to pursue him. or B: he just wanted to hook up. Unfortunately I think he just wanted to hook up. It was right of you to say no to sex. Like I said earlier, you gotta be careful when it comes to who you hook up with and stuff. If you're looking for a relationship, you don't have to do all that on the first date. A guy who is dating material doesn't even care about that. He'll care about you and enjoy being with you without anything physical

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  • The fact that you chose not to sleep with him shows that you respect yourself and you are not easy at all. If you really like him and see yourself having a relationship with him maybe go out to dinner or a hike the next time you hang out. This way you can get to know him on a deeper level and not just sexual. I would say if you are really into each other it's fine to have sex on the 3rd or 4th date. Try not to over think things and I would say if you really like him just text him and ask him to hang out. Listen to your instincts- if you think he is just wanting to get in your pants don't get too attached at first..take things slow and you'll figure out what he really wants. good luck.