What is the next step to get my ex boyfriend to come back around?

It's been a year since we are broken up. We have had small text convos. Just today, I texted him because I knew he was home from school for the weekend. We are both graduating in May and I would like to meet up with him. Our conversation was going well, and then my last text I said "thats great, I miss you." I am not sure if that was the right thing to do, but I have not said it to him and been missing him ever since our break up. I am still able to function, but being without him is not the same. What should I do?


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  • i would just keep talking to him and see what happens . that's all you can do really . if you told him you missed him and he didn't say anything then that might not have been a good sign . if you really want to get back with him then why not call him and talk to him about it . I no its easy to text but really on something like that its best to call . at least then you would know if you have a chance with him still or not . its better then getting your hopes up then getting hurt . I hope it works out for you but if not then understand that your just now graduating and you have not even began to really date much yet . all you have had so far is high school relationships . you have so many new things and new people about to come into your life . it might not seem like it now but trust me your life is just starting so have fun with it . don't worry about ONE guy to much . and by the way congrats on your senior year ! my brother is graduating this may to !

    • thank you! :) Yeah, I really do care about him and would like to meet up with him, but I don't understand what he's feeling. We are on good terms, because I am a nice, caring, and sensitive person. I would never be mean to him ever. He also is the same way, so I am not quite sure what's going on with him. I know that we were going out for 4 years so that was a long time throughout college, so this year the space is good. I do miss him a lot and would like to see him