I picked a fight with my boyfriend, how can I fix this?

Last week we broke up because I over text him and make him want to cuss me out. Also, I always pick fights. This week he didn't text me back Friday, so I double texted him. Then I called him on Saturday to see of he could hang out.

He said: "Did you just randomly call me, ha ha I'm busy, I'm at the mall right now, call you later."

I texted him "now I'm randomly texting you..."

I texted him again "...To tell you I'm sick of waiting for this relationship to go somewhere..."

He hasn't responded or called me in two days... What should I do if I want to save this relationship?

I have no idea if we're still together, because he never responded...


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  • OK... Listen. At your age it is very unlikely that relationships "go somewhere". I'm not saying it's impossible but it is very unlikely. I can think of maybe 2 relationships I know of that have lasted past high school.. Relationships in high school are more of a learning experience than they are a real thing because I can promise you, you still having some growing to do. Later on in life you will look at relationships in high school and realize how insignificant a lot of them were.

    So, that being the case. You need to take this as a learning experience. No guy likes to be bombarded with texts and calls. It is disrespectful to them and their personal space. There are guys who over text/call girls too, and the same thing goes for them. It's not respectful to invade someones privacy and wishes like that. If he doesn't text back, there is a reason for it (I've been there. Yes its frustrating) and you need to respect that.

    There is no saving this relationship. There is only learning from it. Trust me. It sucks now but you really just need to learn patience. With your scenario and with future relationships. Does that make sense?

    • The go somewhere was a total mistake, my friend wrote it.. I meant move forward. We haven't hung out in a month...

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    • But are we even broken up?

    • I don't know. He should tell you if you are. Either way, you need to give him space.

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  • I would just leave him alone for now. If you text or call him any more then you might annoy him so just lay low until he tries to talk to you again.

    • That's what I've been doing, how long should I wait for him to contact me before just considering it over? A week? I feel like he just won't call, ever

    • A week should be good enough.