How often should I actually text her?

I was never the actual texting or calling type and the first girlfriend I had broke up with me because she said I was clingy.

So how often should I talk to her? Everyday? Every other? After school?

Kinda Confused, thank you for those who answer!


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  • Honestly its about maintaining a balance of interest and availability. You don't want to seem to interested and available to her because this comes off as clingy. You want show her that your interested in her but that you also don't "need" her. As well, you need to make time for her (and make the time you spend with her memorable) but show her that you have a life outside of her. There's no real answer as to how many texts/calls a day that is, its just something that you have to play with and learn what works. Learn how to manipulate things to your favor to keep her interested and coming to you. It sounds messed up but girls do it all the time. You see beautiful girls all time who could have any guy they want and yet they go for the guy who couldn't care less about them. We all like the chase so make it interesting for her. When I find a girl with mutual interest in me, I seldom text her first. If she has a genuine interest in you then give it a little time, she'll contact you. Once she does, you've gained the upper hand. Now the ball is in your court for you to decide what to do with it. Just learn to play those games because chances are, she's already playing them with you.


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  • You don't need to artificially wait to play hard-to-get. You just can't be desperate and have your phone by you all day anxiously waiting for her texts, because she will know when you're being desperate. For example, if you text her and she doesn't respond, don't double-message her and say "are you there", "where are you", "hello?". None of that. Just wait for her to respond, and if she doesn't respond, then just text her another day.

    Generally, you should text her maybe two or three days out of a week, but what's more important than quantity is quality. If the conversations are interesting, that's what counts. If the text conversations are boring, then it doesn't even matter how many times, it's still boring.

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