The places we should have gone

The issue...

My main issue with him is he doesn't like doing anything with me. he hates everything , he doesn't like going out often at all, he hates most bands so during the three years we were together (READ backstory to understand) the only real big thing we did together was go to one concet , mind you a band HE really liked .

He hates most movies so we barely go to the theaters , he will NEVER come to theaters with me to see a movie I want to see.

He will never go to parties with me and when he did he was just pissy and made it no fun, he never goes to bars or wants to go to clubs with me , he went to toronto with me on our 2 years and all we did was go to the hockey hall of fame...he promised to take me to niagra , went with his friends instead and went clubbing with them. He hates swimming and beaches so that was something we never did, always said he would take me skating never does it, the list goes on

we dated for 3 years...nothing.TO top it off he barely would say nice things , like compliment me unless we are having sex ...i don't want to be spoiled but sometimes a nice little gift would have been nice the only time I got things from him were my birthday and Christmas and I never recieved and shiny things except this one necklace I picked out and it wasn't expensive or anything. this year I didn't even get a card or flowers for Valentine's day I also didn't get anything for my birthday not even a card we didn't even go out for dinner. AND he has a nice paying job isn't in school atm ...his just super cheap with me and would rather spend monye with friends

Here is a breif backstory...

I have been with this guy for 3 years about 7 months ago now a bit after our 3 years he dumped me , however still wants me in his life?

now this is very confusing and painful. we still act like a couple for the most part.

he got super mad at me when I went out on a date with anther guy, doesn't want me dating other guys but doesn't want to be in a relationship with me which hurts.


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  • My girlfriend was with a guy just like yours for eleven years.

    Seriously, don't be with someone who just wants to sit around the house, and doesn't enjoy doing things and spending time with you. You only have one life, don't waste it on someone who wants to waste theirs.


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