Guys why would you ignore a girls text message?

For all the teenage men out there, why would you ignore a girls text message but then try to friend her on Facebook? it doesn't really make much sense to me.

and I don't mean just a random girl, but like someone you're already friends with


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  • Do you mean ignore them over a long period of time, or just ignore them over like a few hours?

    If it's the former, then maybe he doesn't have your number, so he just ignores texts from numbers he doesn't know. Or maybe you have the wrong number.

    If it's the latter, maybe he just doesn't check his phone often.


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  • +1 to psuedofailure lol

    but theirs also the possibility that he's a stalker, too shy to chat/txt @cell but eager to add in fb, looks like a stalker to me.. or just some shy guy, either way its creepy

    anyway goodluck with that :)

    • Haha thank you. But he's not a stalker

    • well, no harm in mentioning it :P

      had a couple of weirdos, creeps and pervs in my life so it doesn't surprise me lol, he's probably just a shy guy or isn't used to using a cell/phone or what firstpostguy said, was like that myself first time I answered a phone lol :D