Do you have to tell a guy your dating if you're dating other people?

Do you tell them or is that none of their business?

I don't go out of my way to tell them but I will if asked.I notice that guys don't like to hear that, even if they're dating multiple girls themselves! My Aunt told me not to tell guys I'm seeing other people and be vague because its none of his business unless I'm his girlfriend and that guys assume you're a hoe if they think you're dating other guys but them. I'm starting to think she has a point

What's your take?


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  • Honestly, if two people aren't exclusive, it's none of his business who you are going out with or talking to. If you're asked, be honest or say you don't want to talk about it , but don't lie.

    It's perfectly fine to date several people at the same time, at first. But if there starts to be chemistry and a real connection, then it's best to just pick a lane and stick to it (but you're free to do as you want).


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  • Totally agree with the other guy.

    If you haven't had the "exclusive" talk you're free to do whatever you want and don't need to discuss it.

  • If you aren't in a serious committed relationship, there's no reason to tell the guys about the other ones.

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