Guys I need some serious opinions here!

Okay I met my brothers friend (him) when I moved back here me and my brother and (him) went out I thought he was cute but I just thought he was a a**hole! Lol he was teasing me I know he was just playing but I'm like yeah I hate him lol. I def gave no vibes I was into him like a week or 2 later he was asking my brother"is your sister into me?" Not sure why he asked that?. I started hanging out more with them at hookah he seem to have became nicer then few nights more hanging out he started acting different I noticed some affevtionate behavior (grabbing me by waist, cuddling, playing with my fingers, holding hands, laying on me ETC) one night at hookah it was me my brother him 2 of their good friends (guys) and he was holding me looked like we were dating..a other night he joked about kissing me if I didn't get up I brushed it off didn't think much. Then this one night while snuggled up on couch he kissed me it was a nice long non sexual kiss he also seemed in shock and excited that he instantly told my brother?. This one night he slept over we cuddled to sleep he held me the whole night it was cute. Then he startes kissing me in front of my brother. Then this one day we had sex he held me after and kissed me when he left that night he hugged me and kissed me. The next night he texted me he couldn't sleep I thought that was cute because obvious he was thinking of me. But the problem with him is he is always talking about "birches" bitches sometimes I swear he does it to make me jealous.. And lately he's been distant in affection sometimes he will give in but like he's scared too. Then I noticed a change he's been a a**hole! One day going out he jumped on my outfit like he didn't want me dress that way? I was casual! Then the other night he basically called me over dressed I wasn't! he has been controlling on how I dress. Also when I try to make him jealous he brushes it off but he can talk about f***ing bitches?. I'm like your a a**hole why you enjoy being mean to me he says cause he knows I care I gibe.a f*** about what people think. Nah I think it's something else because lastnight he was mocking me and teasing me! My bro said he's playing but why? Does he actually like me? Cause I do :( I notice when I give him eye contact he turns red looks nervous.. The oher day he made me mad he knew he picked me up in the hookah bar held me was being all flirty and cute. I don't get him.. What's up guys?!? He hasn't had sex with any hoes since me I know he can but hasn't like he's frontin making me jealous. I know he has to somewhat like me I mean his behavior fact he kissed me. Maybe I am coming off like I don't like him? Why he's being ass teasing mea me etc cause he doesn't know how to express himself? My bro told him he never had a chance with me. So I don't know what to think


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  • Don't get to emotionally attached. He's likely just playing you for sex

  • Yes, he actually likes you a lot.

    Though, in a sexual manner.


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