What to buy for the guy I've been dating?

I have been dating someone for 4 months, he is just graduating law school. What are good presents to get for him?


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  • How about a necklace or a locket with your picture in it?


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  • He's your boyfriend. You've known him for four months, and we don't know him at all. Think about his hobbies, his interests. Think about things he needs at work. Think about things that would be nice for him. Think about things that would look good on him. Think about moments you shared. Think about times you've spent with him. All of these are good ideas. You should be able to pick something from that.

    If not, then I don't know. What, maybe a gold pen? Maybe a cool coffee mug? Personally I still think you should be better at picking out your boyfriends gifts than any of us people who don't even know the guy. Just saying. I'm not even trying to be mean. I'm just applying logic to this. Think about it.

    Good luck.


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  • Cologne, nice dress shirt, video games, a card? Think of his interests and/or needs and go from there.