I want to text him... but I don't want to seem annoying.

We aren't exactly dating, as in the whole exclusive thing, but he told me that he likes me, and I'm pretty sure he knows very well that I like him too.

Sometimes I want to text him just for a chat, but at the same time I don't want to seem annoying, clingy or desperate.

Guys: do you like it if girls text first all the time? or do you find it as clingy behavior .

Girls: do you text a guy (you aren't dating) first to start a conversation? or do you wait till he texts you first...

would it be the same for a guy that you are dating?

confusing question I know, so here's an example:

If you DO NOT text the guy unless he texts you first, would that be the same if you were dating the guy? or would you text him first if you were dating.


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  • I know what you mean, I used to be able to text my guy friend all the time but ever since I told him I kinda liked him, I feel like I can't any more because I don't want to look desperate!

    I think if we were dating I would just text him whenever I wanted even if he didn't text first, because you should be able to do that when you're in a relationship with someone :)

    • Yeah, I hate it when feelings get involved in friendships, then everything kind of changes.

      Anyway, so if I'm not dating him, then I should let him text first?

    • I think it's okay if you text him first occasionally, but most times you should definitely let him text first, Hope this helps :)

    • Thanks :)

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  • i honestly don't care if a girl is clingy and I don't think that makes her clingy just by texting. I like it if a girl wants to keep a nice conversation.

    it doesn't matter who talks first in a relationship or in general, its just talking, we are both human beings

  • If a girl texts first all the time, then it's good especially when I'm attracted to her.


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  • He said he likes you, so in your case it's okay to text first. Just make sure the texts you send are engaging so as to encourage him to reply back. Keeping texts light, fun, and challenging helps, and once in a while ask him some interesting questions. Don't assume anything if he doesn't reply right away.

    If while texting he offers to take you out, jump on it, no matter how small.