BF behaving as if he doesn't care as much as before?

My boyfriend is being so busy lately, he worked at a 5 star hotel and now is tourist season in our place, the city is flooded with tourist. So basically I know how tiring his work can be. He had been working more than a week without a single day off for now. My problem is that he used to text me in a sweet way before, and more concerned about me. But lately he hadn't been texting me as frequently as before. But when I texted him, he will always replied back with pet names (usually if I use it) but there's not much enthusiasm in his replies as before. He used to text me even before sleeping and telling me how he wants me near. But now nothing like that at all. One time I got upset so I decided not to text him 1st and wait and on the 3rd day he texted me saying that I forgot him. our text started to become more tense and we quarreled a bit but then we agreed to compromise and I started texting him like normally. But again, his answer is as not as enthusiastic as usual. I'm not sure what to think, he's not asking to meet me too (we live far from each other, if we plan to meet each other after his work is too tiring, even on normal days it will take 1-2 hours journey to meet each other). But even that before he used to call me to see each other on webcam on Facebook, but now he didn't asked for it at all, he kept saying he will just sleep right after he reach home (he could be telling the truth, there's no activities on his Facebook at all since he became this cold) I noticed that if I keep the text cold, his reply is cold, if I started to be more sweet in text sometimes he will reply in same way and sometimes he will be cold. What am I supposed to do? Is he losing interest in me or he's just burned out?


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  • It seems that his working life is taking a toll at him.

    Let him be and just compromise.


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  • I don't want to make you more worried but it seems like you may be right. He's drifting away.

    It could be due to the stress of a busy job. That can ruin our mood. When people get down, they lose interest in the things that they usually like (such as texting or paying attention to Facebook).

    It could be because he's met someone else, too. The answers aren't so good on this one. I'm sorry.

    You should confront him, and give him a chance to be honest with you. Ask him if he's met someone new. Or if he's feeling depressed.

    Tell him you feel like you're drifting apart and you need to know if it's true. If he feels the same way, ask if he wants to stay together. Even if these fears are unfounded it will let him know there's something wrong and he needs to work on it.

  • give him a break. After a crazy day at work it's hard to even think straight, let alone come up with a clever line to make you laugh.

    • I'm not expecting a clever line to make me laugh, but I'm expecting a text asking how am I doing, stuff like that. But I know after a crazy day at work it's hard to even think straight, but I got upset because when I slept at his place, he always answer all his friends texts before he sleep (sometimes it drags until few texts). So when he doesn't even bother to give me a single text before he sleep (while he could answer all his friend text) yeah, I'm sad.

  • have you two even met each other in person?...seems like your entire relationship is based on a phone or a about you just f***ing ask him yourself instead of asking strangers on here...

    • FYI yes we met in person (I slept at his place few times already). I started asking here because he refused to open the discussion with me at all. And you're being rude. If you don't want to answer just don't answer, if you don't have intention or heart to help people by giving advices why did you join this site in the 1st place?

  • To me it seems like his loosing interest. The work should not cool the flame his suppose to have in his heart for you. If you are always on his mind he would find that energy every now and than to convey his sweetness to you, one way or the other.


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