Is He Emotionally Abusive?

There is this guy I'm friends with who I've never dated but will flirt text etc but for whatever reason he goes on these episodes and start arguments but makes them seem like they were my fault.

1. If I randomly give him a compliment or text he always has to ask "why?" - Example (me)"You looked really good in that shirt today" (him) why? Example 2 (me) " I think we should hang out we'd have fun" (him) "why?"

2. When he does text me it's 90% sexual which I play around for a bit, but never act on it unless it's a kiss or hug.

This is my problem...

If he does say or text something I don't agree on or like that may make me upset. I always keep quiet. I don't text back with a response or say anything because I don't feel the need to start a debate/argument and would rather change the subject.

In his mind I'm taking it personal and getting upset and says things like "You're more emotional than most girls etc" when I'm not saying anything and barely reacting. I'm not raising my voice or huffing I'm just over it and would much rather change the topic. I'm human and yes I am a girl and we are more emotional but all I need is a minute to cool off move on and forget about it but I've grown to not hold a grudge over something stupid and to agree to disagree. But he will push my buttons and say what's "wrong with me" until I finally do explode and he's wins.

I feel like he subconsciously likes to start arguments or is emotionally abusive or something. I've never met a guy like him before. Most guys who say something I don't like and keep quiet understand and just move on and we're cool again. What's his deal?


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  • It seems your personality is not compatible. I wouldn't necessarily call him emotionally abusive but you should just move on and find someone who is more sensitive to the things you say.


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  • It sounds like you are both immature and don't know how to handle disagreements. You are equally to blame for not speaking up when things offend you.

  • He's not worth it.

    Find another guy.

    If ever you get in a relationship with him, it will just turn out messy.


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