Do American women like short dating?

I will moving to US soon and I don't want be alone so I want to date with someone. But I will be housekeeper so I am affraid of women never like my job and they will despise to me :(

In other hand some people try to have green card and other benefits. I hate them. My purpose is not like it. Already I will have just one year j1 visa ( 2 years rule ) and will come back to my residence. Actually I will moving to there for improve my English skills. I need to know English as well. So I got very nice net of online sale :). And my dad is presecutor in my country.

Anyway in a words my purpose is so innocent I just want to have girlfriend at least for 1-2 months :D

So how can I find a beautiful lady for sharing somethings. I wonder if all of American or Latina ladies prefer to resident people for dating?

Note : I am handsome but my hair is weak :DDDDDDDDDDD


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What Girls Said 1

  • Girls don't like being in relationships that they know aren't going to last. If they know that you are only going to be in the US for a certain amount of time then they won't think you're looking for anything serious and probably just look the other way, honestly.


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  • I think that if you are there for a year, I wouldn't worry about it. Just date and enjoy. If you and some girl fall madly in love and want to be together, you will figure out a way. If you aren't so in love that you'd be figuring out how to reunite, well then, that's fine too.