Did this kiss count?

So I was like talking to my boyfriend the other day face to face. And suddenly he moved his face towards me and it happened really fast but I kinda feel his lips touched my lips for like one second only. But after that he didn't give any reaction and continue to listen to me talking. Because I was really shocked and he didn't give me any reaction, I didn't dare to ask him and just keep talking. Did lip touching only for one second count as kiss? He is my new boyfriend and if that counts it will be our 1st kiss that's why I am kinda confused


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  • It counts, but you messed up by not reacting to it. He might interpret that as a sign that you want to ignore the kiss, and may not be up for a repeat performance.


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  • I suppose it does in a way just depends how you see it, did you get the feelings that you usually do when you kiss someone? I personally myself wouldn't count it as a kiss because I think it would need to be a bit more passionate

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