Want to text SO BAD today and I was doing so well. 7 days NC

I don't know why I am obsessing with worry that my ex is mad at me and I am going crazy wanting to ask him if he is! I know it shouldn't matter, but I hate not knowing why his texts suddenly STOPPED last week. He came over and we had sex and that night he texted me during our favorite show and all seemed fine. During our time together his friend who he swears wants to date me came up and I told him I wasn't interested and everything, BUT I am worried he talked to his friend and somehow his friend said something negative to him about me or something and that's why he stopped texting me. I am probably SO WRONG and I know at the end of the day it doesn't matter. I know being his FRIEND isn't going to work ANYWAY so why am I OBSESSING over sending this damn text! It can end one of three ways: He texts back "No! I am not mad at you, why would you say that?" and then I know he just doesn't give a crap about me enough to text me anyway. or...he could send back that he IS mad and then that could start a fight or...he could ignore me and I will feel WORSE.

I think I already know your answers...but should I send the text so I can calm down or stay NC?


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  • I would love to be able to give you more advice, but I'd need to know more about your relationship to do so like how long you've been together, age differences, kids involved, etc..

    For right now stay no contact until I hear from you...if in fact I do. I've been through this and got my ex back only to realize I really didn't want him back anyway :) But I will say the longer you stay in NC the better. Develop some mystery about yourself...what your doing, WHY you aren't texting (believe me he will wonder)...and who gives a crap if his friend told him something raunchy that made him upset...you know the truth. You CAN be someones friend after a heated relationship but it takes a very long time to come to that and I think you already know you aren't there yet.

    I wish you the best and am here for more advice if you need it :)

    • Thank you so much. No kids. Were together 10 months and he ended it after I put pressure on a serious commitement. Said he needed to focus on himself BLAH BLAH BLAH. We have had sex and saw each other twice since we broke up 6 weeks ago. Last week we seemed like we were leaning on the side of friends EVEN THOUGH I didn't want to be placed in the friend zone...but I felt compelled to do so. He stopped texting me now...I haven't said a WORD either. I know I need to remain silent.

    • I think you are on the right track to remain silent. 10 months is long enough time to develop a bond that won't be easy for him to let go of on a whim. Keep quiet, and WHEN he does text, because I'd nearly promise that he will, be easy breezy, sweet but very short with your response. You need to seem busy, no emotions involved, but glad to hear from him. If he asks to meet up or "hang out", I suggest you not...sex pulls us back on to the emotional roller coaster

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  • Just say no. If you need to get the words out of your system, type them in a text document then delete it.


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  • if you have all this drama,its not a real relationship..u should be able to talk about anything w your man ..but he is an ex,so let him go..he ain't worth racking your brain over...if he cared you would be together right now.

    • Love the part about the drama I am also going throug h a break up wish I saw this while I was in a relationship

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    • I saw the signs...three kids and three different babies mamas. No drivers license for back child support. His own "boys" stopped talking to him for a long time over some unknown drama and you know men don't do silent treatment to one of their "own", he hated his own mom too and would vocally say it...never had a Dad. I saw signs...I was SPRUNG

    • he is damaged goods,thank your lucky stars for getting away from him..im sure he has sucked some new chick into his web.

  • Stay NC.

    You are very much still into him. It will hurt more if you continue any contact or try to get a relationship with him.

  • DOntt

  • No contact.