Interracial dating views

What do you think of dating outside your race? What is your views on dating black women or black men? Is there a certain type your attracted to or turned off to? Do you feel you have to approach them a certain way?

I'm a black woman & I am interested in dating outside my race but the approach is always so off.


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  • I'm okay with it. I wasn't taught to hate. I'd date anyone if I like them regardless of race. I will say Ifind most black women unattractive, but there are gorgeous black women out there I'd date.

    I'm half white and half Korean so I don't know what I'd call "my race". I think an avg white girl is better looking than an avg Asian girl, but a hot Asian girls more attractive than a hot white girl to me, if that makes any sense. I like Latinas too. The prettiest girls in my classes are almost all Mexican.

    I wouldn't date a black man.


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  • I'd be fine with it, black women are really attractive but I would generally try to approach them the same way I would any. Obviously its always best to aim for ones that you get along with best :P

  • I would be fine with it, but it would take quite a bit for me to approach a black woman. For one, I don't think they are interested in white guys. Most of them aren't obviously. The ones that are open to it are always going on about how there aren't any good black men left. If I want to date a girl that subtly tells me that she prefers black men, I'll stick to dating white girls.


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