Girl interested with number and weird name but vanishes?

So I was at a club, and this girl came sat next to me and we started talking. It was a long talk maybe 20 min or so. We kinda just got lost into talking.

She had a friend with her and after said I've got to go, I left my friend alone but take my number and message me tomorrow. So I gave her my phone she entered her name and info and she went to find her friend.

I then crashed into her again later like 15 min afterward with her friend. She once again said oh hey make sure you message me tomorrow.

Then tommorrow came, I was pretty hung over most of the day ahah. But later in the evening I texted her 2 times, once to say hey and once to tell her who I was.. but no reply back in over a day now.

ALSO the weird part is she changed her name on my phone and I cannot remember why she told me. eg. if her name was Hillary, she wrote Hillarie in my phone instead... Is that so she knows it's me messaging her?

I know it IS her number so it's not fake. I guess I just find it odd when someone shows interest and then doesn't get back to you. I suppose I could call later this week rather than texting?

anyone got any tips? I'm busy tonight and tmrw, but I might call in 2 days.

She did say in may she is leaving for a 2 month trip. So I suppose I can call and use it as an excuse to wish her a fun trip. And if it hits the voice mail can leave a message and let it go after that. At least I'll know I tried my best and that's that...

My only guess could be that my text might have not gone through. I had problems yday with a friend who didn't get my msgs.

Anyone else agree with me?
So I did call her finally.. she had got off work apparently and was going to go to bed.

But she was trying to be nice and made it clear right away.. that she is kinda "seeing" someone and was just really drunk that night LOL.

Anyways I kinda let it go and she did say she wanted to add me to FB. So I let her...

I guess I was a bit annoyed, because if she didn't want anything to do with me why ask me to take her number down and then crash into me later and tell me to call her. pff


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  • It seems that she's just busy.

    Wait for a week.

    Calling is also your best option.

    • The sad part is I either forgot or she didn't tell me when exactly she is leaving for her trip. I think in May, which only leaves maybe 7-8 days. I suppose I can wait till the weekend.

      I think calling and wishing her a good trip should work, if not, I guess I can always leave a voice mail.

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