Was she hinting something?

So I was at work today and my co worker (shes like 60) an I were talking. She was telling me that I lost a lot of weight. She ways compliments my body shape and face. Then she started to tell me that she knows of guys who want to date me, but then said I know you don't date guys at work. I kind of was surpised and kind of got embarssed. I don't think guys at my job like me. I got really insercure and I said no, that's not true. She said yes, it's true. a lot of people go to this lady and talk to her like a friend. She has set people up. I'm really paranoid and I think people are always lying to me and I can't take compliments. Anways. We were talking about men at my job. Whose a pig and who isn't. She brought up one guy twice. One I. The beginning and then the same one again. Like she wanted me to know he's a really nice guy. (Even though I know this). Was she hinting something? She didn't do this with other guys.

Btw: she never told me who liked me because I didn't ask.


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  • it's for sure guys talk about you and in gud way. they are attracted to u. either she sensed it or some of them even talked to her. May be soon you will get proposed by one of them and may be she is warning you not to date them.


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  • Same thing happens tome at my work place and I know guys over here dnt like me since they like to cook up stories about me.

    • You didn't even answer my question

    • Duh! ofcourse she was hinting something, that means either they want you but are a little intimidated by u, or they think your hot! that's a ggod thing :)

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