I stick to no contact- she breaks it good or bad?

So my ex-gf and I were together two years. I've raised her child since since was a month old(now is 2 years old) and she has never met the **** of a father. She ended us about 2 weeks ago and pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Well we lived with her mom and she moved out after I did. We had a storage unit of stuff mainly hers and I didn't even know I had stuff there. Well yesterday I finally accepted it was over and took her off Facebook and I proceeded to work and looked at my phone and I had a text from her. She let me know I had a box there and that she was going to bring it to her moms house later this week. I waited to reply and said that's cool just let me know what you decide to do. I woke up this morning with another text(which I was shocked because she lately wouldn't say a thing to me) she notified me she was moved out of her moms and and said so if I'm free to get some of my stuff to let her know. Does this seem as her having some time to herself that she is starting to cool off from the breakup and might be missing me or is it just her wanting to me get my stuff? I think if she had no feelings for me she would of just stated that I need to get my stuff and be that simple. She also left the text on me to reply by saying let me know which is another change. Seemed like she dragged out our text conversation for something that could have been much more short and simple. What do ya think? Any advice?

I have stuff over there as well as my old car that doesn't run. She let me know the electric company is doing work and wants stuff out of the street. She was pushy at first and said you can get it today and I replied how do you know if I can/cant? I can't snap my fingers and make a trailer appear. She replied with I am just trying to help, sorry. I then said no need to be sorry thanks for your help I appreciate it. her trying to help and being sorry are emotions which she claims to have none 4me


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  • hey,im glad to hear this...i knew she would come around,If I were you I would respond by saying you will let her know,then wait it out...she will get anxious and contact you again to talk...u will see

    • What does it mean though? It could be just for me to get my stuff. What is your opinion about it and thanks for the motivations you helped alot. I told her today id get it tomorrow and she mentioned that she wouldn't be there but she would let her mom know which I feel like was her attempt to get a response out of me like oh I ll just wait until you can be there or something. Well I won't be going tomorrow after work because I'm going to look at a house I might rent, See if it causes a response

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    • the only way to find out is maybe go get your things without her being there and see if she continues to have excuses to text u..idk if she is having second thoughts or just trying to remove all evidence of u..try to ignore her for a while,if she misses you she will be back.

    • well I'm not able to get the stuff today anymore due to plans but I shall sometime this week, and then we shall see.

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