I would still choose her.

There is this girl (miss e) I liked since a few years ago, we did date but eventually she rejected me back then and I was enlisting for army soon at that time. We did keep in close contact, and meetup as well for the past 2 yrs. Until recently I started dating another gal (miss c), but we were not together yet. "Miss e" saw it and wishes me the very best. I don't why but I can see she is very keen to know what is going on between me and miss c. When I ask her out lately she would say no, cos "you got girlfriend already". I did told her miss c is not my girlfriend. Well, actually I don't feel good about it at all anyway. I would always think of her (miss e) before I sleep every night, even until today. Lately the relationship between me and miss c didn't go well too. If there is still a second chance, I will still choose her; the one I lost 2yrs ago. But I just don't know how to tell her, and in the current situation like this now. Any suggestions?


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  • Stay with her.

  • You're being a player. E is correct in stating that you have a girl already. You don't need two.

    You need to move on from both of them. You really weren't fair to C and E will not be wanting a guy who is capable of doing to HER what you did to C. That sort of game playing is just not right. Women tend to presume you want to be exclusive with them unless you state otherwise.


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