This lady is trying to hook me up with her son, who already has a girlfriend

And she's really persistent.

Story is, I just finished University and residency and moved from Boston back to my hometown in Georgia, to work in my fathers practice.

One of the very first pations I had was this lady. She obviously wasn't really sick but she said her son single and we should go out sometime. I'm single too and I rembered him from school, he was a few years older than me and everyone was so proud when he got this sholarship to Berkley.

Well anyways she organised a date, but the day before it he calls telling me he can't go out with me, because he already has a girlfriend.

I was like wow, but OK. Next day she shows up again with some imaginary disease. And she said something along the lines of "he doesn't know it yet, but he doesn't want to be with his girlfriend, he wants to be with a girl like you. I don't want her to raise my grandchildren"

She said I should just keep trying but I have no interest in trying. I want to date someone who is actually available. Now every time I see her she gives me cake or candy and tells me how awesome her son his and how terrible his girlfriend. One night she even called both of us to her us pretending there was an emergency and she wouldn't let us leave for 2 hours

What can you say to that? How do I get rid of her? At first I thought it was his problem but this going way to far


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  • Ignore her.

    Try to find a way to avoid her.

    • that's easier said than done, it's a small town I'll have to deal with this somehow

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  • Why would you let someone try to set you up in the first place? Are you that easily influenced. The lady sounds crazy, I don't get why you'd even go along with anything she says.


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  • Ewww, helicopter mom! Tell her to stop contacting you, and her "suggestions" are disrespectful to you, her son, and her son's girlfriend. Block her and keep no contact if she doesn't stop.