She has conflicting feelings, how to score a second date?

I had a date recently with a girl I've known for some time even though we didn't really know each other. We both agreed we had an absolutely great time that day. Mutual friends told me she had conflicting feelings after the date but really wanted to like me. She then told me in person she had no feelings for me and saw me as a friend even though we did act like a couple for some time after the date. I think she said this to prevent me from getting too much hope because I put some pressure on her because I didn't know of the conflicting feels, but of course I can't be sure.

I've been friend zoned before and this isn't the same. How do I score a second date? We're both 17 years old.


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  • You shouldn't even waste your time trying to score a second date. When she told you that she had no feelings for you and saw you only as a friend, you were dead in the water. There's nothing to salvage here; it's time to move on. For the next girl, don't try to talk her into anything or discuss your feelings for her. Just take her out on dates, show her a fun time, and only take her out on more dates if you hear an enthusiastic "yes" when you ask her out. You shouldn't settle for less than a girl who is extremely interested in you.


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