If you were supposed to have a first date and rescheduled due to legitimate excuse but you actually lost inter

t a couple days later, you wouldt respond when a guy asks when would be a good time right? I mean this girl responded but didn't put in exclamation points and write a lot like usual.

could she be getting tired because I'm not talking to her in class (not taking initiative ) and only emailing her?


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  • Maybe she was busy or wasn't in a great mood for one reason or another.

    • so should I wait for her to let me know next week when she wants to go out or should I initiate? she has never initiated anything before just gives me signs

      she seems shy

    • You should initiate or else you might be waiting forever if she's not the type to do so.

    • even if she's not in a good mood if she's interested shouldn'tshe constantly be happy to talk to me though?

What Guys Said 1

  • She was just busy.

    Reschedule again.

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