Girl was chaseing me now gone cold! advice? what's my next move

I'm going to short form all this my original post on another forum was pretty long,

went on a collage spring vacation, got back home a message from a girl that was also on the trip I never really spoke too seen a few times

she gave me her number and we started texting,

she would constantly tell me how good looking I was and all this stuff and said that she wanted to win me over from my girlfriend.

we ran into each other a few times ended up dancing and kissing her

I had a girlfriend at the time but the one night I went to her house after the bar and we hooked up but I held myself back and didn't have sex with her as I liked this girl and didn't want a one night stand (should have had sex may have kept her around)

she didn't seem too wrapped up in that I had a girlfriend , but said once that she didn't want to get hurt but I old her that she has nothing to worry about it will all work out

eventually I think I became too interested in this girl I broke up with my girl friend at the time because I did not want to cheat.

we texted for a total of 5-6 weeks total normally everyday she would always text me first in the morning or afternoon. I've received 2 "private pics" from her

she would ask me to hang out all the time but I was taking it slow we only seen each other 3-4times total

I eventually became interested in her and maybe started to "chase" her a little attempted to set 2 hand out times she was busy with her friends no problem

the 3rd time I asked when I knew she was free. Asked a exact night with advance notice, for a actual date witch she wanted and she was"busy"she said sorry but didn't suggest another time. I simply said that's cool

this is when I started to let go and forget the idea of chasing her she texted me a few times after just saying hey and wondering what I was doing I would reply within time, but never kept the convo going.

eventually she stopped trying to text a week ago and I have noticed that she is getting into another guy

My question for everyone is what do I do now

Do I continue to ...

-not text her let her come back (it's been 7 days so far)

-send her a message just start up a convo see where it goes

-like one of her pics to let her know I'm still here and attracted

Or what ?

And if she does text me or I text her what do I say someone please give me advice

-she was into me big time wanted me bad!, maybe I showed a bit too much interest. and she liked the chase most likely should have slept with her that night like she wanted that would have sealed the deal instead just did stuff to her... now she's onto the next guy, or she's just playing a game to see how far I will chase her and if I get jealous. or the whole thing could have been a game to get me away from my girlfriend I know some girls do that.

im not going to chase her, or play games I do like her but I have made enough attempts to take her on a proper date rather then just meeting at clubs and I know she wanted a date

any one else , I still have not made a move


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  • If it were me, I would try to talk to her about it. Maybe she's just trying to get your attention more, maybe she got fed up with the chasing her around (broke up with my boyfriend for that reason. it got annoying), or maybe she's just not into you anymore and just wanted the attention. Now that there's a new guy giving her attention she likes it. talk to her about it.

    • Maybe if I don't make contact with her she will eventually text me and I can play it cool from there. Hardest part is the wait, I would love to just sent a text asking her what she is thinking and where I stand but who knows if I will get a real answer or if it will make me appear weak! Hate the games that girls play these days, but you may be right she could be after the new guy and thought that I have lost interest. if I do confront her I have to be prepared to maybe lose her ! Tough choice

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  • Text her again

    Nothing will happen until you talk to her.

    Don't try to play it cool.

    Chase her instead.

    Get her out to date.

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