Do guys only bring up the relationship talk if they mean it?

Been seeing this guy for a while we aren't official yet or anything but I wanted to be. But he didn't. We werent on the same page. He left in January and for a week I didn't hear from him. He was mean. And it was emotionally exhausting as he was using me thoughI was OK. I hurt a little I have never fallen for a guy so hard, it was love at first sight for me. But he came back and said he was sorry he missed me.

So a few months back I told him off I was sick of feeling used when he didn't want a relationship, and I stopped talking. I was actually OK I felt as if I could move on. And then a month later he came back and he said I was worth fighting for and that he missed me. He hugged me when I refused put his nose in my hair and apologized up and down.

So we have been okay since then I guess. We are in college. Over a month break he texted me every single day telling me about his day or asking about mine. Texting that he missed me at midnight or texting me at 7 in the morning to say "Good Morning!" he knew I wasn't up yet.

Anyway he admitted 2 times when he was drunk that he wanted a relationship. Because he was drunk I said I didn't believe him. When I wanted him he didn't want me.

Another time he had me over and he said he did want a relationship the only thing that was holding him back was that I wasn't girlie enough (And I do understand what he means I wasn't offended). didn't bother me. He said he didn't want to sound like a dic*.

So he would text me for days straight when I didn't hear fro h him he would be like hey how are you? He really has stepped up his game though. When I needed him he was there. When I was crying and upset he texted and asked if I was okay and comforted me through messages. However people were spreading rumors about us (thats why I was upset) and so we both kinda layed low. But he doesn't text me every single day like he did when we were separated. Why doesn't he? He used to text to hang out and I texted him on Monday to hang out and we had a great time.

Why doesn't he contact me all the time?

Summer is coming how can I keep him interested?

What should I do now about him? I don't know what to say?

Do you really think he was serious?

Im not sure if he is just trying to string me He has been with so many girls and he said it has never been so complicated for him.


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  • I think so...