Girlfriend and texting?

Before I ask the question, I just want to make it clear that my girlfriend and I do talk over the phone. We do not just text.

Sometimes my girlfriend will not respond to some of my texts. When I ask a question she'll usually respond to it, but if I send her a random text (ex "Just made home...I'm so tired") she may or may not respond. Lately she's been ignoring these texts a lot. This morning I texted her saying, "Let me know when you hear back from your dad so I know when to pick up the food." Typically she would respond with something like "Okay I'll call you :D." Yesterday I got nothing.

I know she's annoyed with me and we argued a bit 3 nights ago...but how long do you girls usually keep things like this up. She's starting to "close up" again and it bothers me, to the point where I just want to end things since this is what she always does.


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  • I wouldn't start making assumptions. If she always does this then she's going to keep doing it unless you talk to her about it and tell her how much it bothers you. Use an "I message" as corny as it is.

    I feel... (You're feelings, don't blame or accuse them)... when... (Objectively describe their behavior)... I prefer... (The behavior you would prefer)

    I know it's pretty elementary but it really does communicate how you feel and solves the problem without causing more problems.

    • Unfortunately she always finds a way to turn things against me when I tell her how I feel. And now she ignored my call. I told her I would call her once my plane landed (7:00 PM her time) and she said okay. No call or text since then.

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