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I met an amazing girl at a party. I tried to set her up with my friend, but they didn't really hit it off. I overheard her talking about enjoying being single, but I didn't really think much of it. At the end of the night we ended up making out a little.

I asked her on a date the next day and we went out the next Friday. It wasn't a great date but it wasn't terrible either. I believe that I came off as a little boring. She was her usual amazing self.

We kissed at the end of the night. She told me to keep in touch and then she sent a text after that said, "Seriously, I had a really good time. I hope that you did too." I texted her a couple of times over the next day or so. She invited me to a party over Facebook.

I texted her Monday morning and just meant to be endearing, "You're an amazing person, and I can't wrap my head around you, but have a good day."

She responded.

Thanks, my-name-here. I noticed you struggling with that over the weekend. May I ask why?"

I responded.

"Hell if I know. I really like you though."

I got no response and I haven't heard from her since. It wasn't exactly a conversation starting text so I can't really blame her for not responding, but if she's not interested than I don't want to text her again. Should I text her again or just let it go?


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  • She is very interested in you. I would continue talking to her.


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