Is feeling like this okay?

I honestly had the best time tonight. I know its bad kinda meeting people online, but I did and I just got home a little bit ago. We talked for a couple of days before meeting up, and so I told him I would take him out because it was his birthday today!

So we went out, and we got ice cream and we saw his friends, and they were so funny and chill. After that we went back to his place because I told him I would help him pack because he is moving. So I helped him and he was surprise I would do that on our first date. haha. Then after that we watched a movie, well I shouldn't say watched because ha well we kept talking through it, and talking about everything.

When we were leaving for him to drop me off he like grabbed me softly and kissed me, and then headed to his truck. and he grabbed my hand and told me he had a blast today, even though we didn't really do anything. but it was still fun.

After we got back to my place, he walked me to the door and then kissed me and said our byes and stuff... after he got home, he texted me thanking for the best birthday ever and he hopes to see me again.

I know this isn't much, but I Haven't had this good feeling in awhile. I met another guy before this one and he seemed fun as well, but I don't know I feel like I can be myself around this one. He is so cute and sweet and he likes the same stuff as me and he loves his family. He decided to not go back into the coast guard because he missed his family too much and he didn't wanna be away from them because his sister is having a baby and so forth. I mean I find that important.

I don't why I'm over thinking it, its probably because I'm not use to this whole dating thing. ever since my ex for three years, I kinda been afraid to just be myself and that nobody will find me interesting...

Is that normal? I mean I know I shouldn't care about my ex and how he gets mad at me for going out because he has a girlfriend. But I honestly can't help but smile and be a little high school girl.


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  • It's normal to fall for someone who really cares for you.

    Go for him. Give him a chance.


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