Jealous. How to stop being jealous?

I was never ever jealous of girls dating other guys or even sleeping with other guys, until recently. Obviously not girls who are my girlfriend, just dating or FWB's.

I had absolutely no emotion for them seeing other men. Why the hell have I changed? How can I stop giving a sh*t?


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  • I have in the past but there's nothing you can do. It sucks for the moment but it will pass.


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  • You probably cannot revert. It is a good thing and means that your biological clock is finally working again!

    If you can revert however it will have to be done through some form of conditioning.

    • I don't like this. :\ As backwards as it sounds, these girls just want sex from me and me turning into a chump and getting emotionally attached is ruining that. :\

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    • Although it sounds like a rationalization, or self-serving, I think what you say is true on a logical, objective level. The former situation seems very unstable and inauthentic.

    • It is logical and objective simply coming from knowledge of human interaction and how stability holds such sway in the lives of humans as a whole. I simply configured if it were working for you then you wouldn't be here wondering why you are (possibly) subconsciously beginning to reject the notion in question. In short: If you were any different the case wouldn't be here.

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