I'm really embarrassed I've never been kissed

Yes I'm not lying or joking I'm a 27 year old male and never been kissed, heck I've only had maybe 3 female friends and none of them wanted to date me this was while I was HS. Do girls find this cute? Sad, Adorable, or something else? I wanna say I'm good looking enough to get a girlfriend, but I feel the longer I go without a girlfriend the more I start to believe I'm just to ugly. Any tips? Please no rude answers.


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  • My advice is to put yourself out there (in a good way). Start going to public places like coffee shops, libraries, the mall, etc. If you see a girl you might be attracted to step out of your comfort zone and strike a conversation. Most girls find confidence very appealing, and if you're kind and respectful 9 times out of ten she will respond. Then you go from there. Ask for her number maybe, or if you want to be more subtle say something like "Am I ever going to see you again?"or "can we do this again sometime?" If she's attracted to you and/or likes your conversation she will for sure say yes. Then you keep it going. Soon you'll have a relationship and your first kiss. If it doesn't work out the first time, second time, third time, etc... try try again :) hope this helps.

    • This is the most simple, cutest advice ever. +1 to you.

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    • I'm with Bud calling a girl beautiful is too much, I get nervous just wanting to say hello.

    • You'll always be nervous, that will never go away because it's in our DNA from evolution for reasons too complex for this little comment. Telling them that you thought they were beautiful and just wanted to talk to them is a pretty darn good way of starting a convo buddy. After you've done it a couple of times, you'll realize that there's actually nothing to it and think about how silly it was that you were scared all this time to even say hello!

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  • I would think its a bit strange but I wouldn't think badly of him. Just get yourself out there more.


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  • Just go out and do many things in public. Go to club meetings, join a book club, hang out at coffee houses. You need to make sure you're hitting the right places. Bars and clubs are not ideal places for someone with not much experience. Go out and meet people and have fun and simply asking for their numbers is the first step. "Hey, I had a lot of fun hanging out or talking, do you wanna meet again sometime? Here's my number, shoot me a text or call me sometime!" It's so easy like that.

    Find things in common that you both can do together. You'll be good man, one step at a time, no worries. It's probably psychological at this point. Just get out there and meet people!

    • But what if your city or town dull? I can't get rides all the time and taking Taxi Cab cost to much?

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    • I live an hour south of Boston not much to do down here. I'm currently on Match.com the pic I have on my pf is not me lol. I just feel ashamed of my looks. I also lied about my annual income on match I said I made around $100k a year not even close, I live off a social security income.

    • 1. Don't lie about who you are, ever. 2. Try to get more involved in your town. 3. Pick up some new hobbies and try them out in your area.

      I'm originally from Watertown, Massachusetts :))))

  • I hate the way it is