2 dates ... will there be a 3rd?

I met a guy on Match about 2 wks ago. We went on a date last Wednesday and things went great. He seemed very interested and I seem to always handle things perfectly on a 1st date - charming, funny, smart (modest lol). But once I like someone, I begin to over analyze. Sometimes being smart is not a blessing.

So then the texting began. I hate texting because I feel things can go awry. While we didn't text much I got annoyed because a text that should have elicited a reply did not get one. I thought I had pushed the envelope as I'm a bit of a smart-ass (its part of my charm haha). So I asked a friend who said he may have been insulted so I texted the next morning saying "I hope my comments didn't insult you. If so, that was not my intention." He wrote back within an hour saying "No, absolutely not! I like you a lot. I got swamped with work and my son and I literally had no time to breath. I want to go out with you again!" I was happy at first but then got pissed thinking "he couldn't have taken 2 seconds to reply to my text the day before? No one is THAT busy." I just don't accept that excuse. So I didn't reply the rest of that day (a Friday) but then around 4:30 the next day (Sat, of all days, looking like some loser) I wrote, "Still busy, boss man? Or are you thinking about berries, melted chocolate and whip cream?" (That was our desert on our 1st date). I thought the last comment was too suggestive AFTER I hit send. WELL, I didn't hear anything back from him until 9 am the next morning! Are you kidding? I tried to rein in my annoyance since I like him and he also was somewhat sweet in his text. He said, "True. Very nice. And I was ... would you go out with me again tomorrow night my silky black-haired beauty?" I rolled my eyes at the last comment (while simultaneously being flattered lol). I made a sassy comment in reply and then added, "Yes, I'd love to. See you then."

We had a nice time, drinks, dinner. Then - as I thought he might as we were close to his house - he asked me to come back to his house. I said NO so fast it was like a sonic boom. Then, after some more talking, I decided to go. Suffice to say, we ended up on the couch. And while we didn't have sex, we did a lot of other things. So then of course - after the fact, which I'm famous for - I was angry with myself. I really like him and I want him to get to know me.

Anyway, the next morning he wrote, "I had an amazing time with you! Thank you! Have a great day!" I wrote back, "I had a good time myself Mr. Grabby Hands . Your kisses are sweet. Have a wonderful day." He texted a smiley emote - and I've heard nothing from him since. This was now TWO days ago.

What do you think the deal is?

Is this normal?

Do you think I went too far on date 2?

I'm going to refrain from txting him this time. I truly believe if a man is interested he will get in touch. I don't want to make more blunders like I did with my text asking if I had insulted him.

Any thoughts / opinions are appreciated.


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  • You have to wait and see how it goes.