We have a date set - but she's trying to set up more "mini-dates" = STAGE 5 CLINGER?

Hmm - wondering if this is a sign of a clinger - we hung out last week, great time and all. Next day she invited me out again but I already had plans with someone else, which is why I can usually never do last minute anyways.

Anyways we had plans to go out for drinks this weekend already as well to do shots and get wasted lol

So talked to her after that and she asks if I like movies because she had "tickets" already . . . I said what about our date Saturday. . . she said "Oh but we can do this Friday"

Should I bail... I know it's not official stalker behavior am I just being paranoid . . .


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  • she may have been offering up a better date then the one originally planned but because you said what about Saturday she is like well we can do that too and she likes you so what if she has future dates involved in her head. doesn't really make her a clinger because she sees more then one night with you in her future she just openly expressed it a lot of girls have these thoughts they just keep it to themselves so you don't think stalker. Go out with her she may not even like you after the first date. if you really want to find out if she's a clinger tell her the concert would be fun but you can't devote your whole weekend to her because...you promised grandma you would spend a night with her or something or you want to hangout with your boy and help work on his bike something like that depending on how she handles it and gives you space you can really define if you have a stalker. I'm so interested now to see how this plays out let me know and again a girl who wants more then one night with a man isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least she doesn't have mini dates setup with multiple men. lol


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  • Only assume clingy if she gets mad at you turning it down. I've had clingy girlfriends before but at the same time there's many girls that I have been able to spend a load of time with and still keep hanging out with. I've spotted clingy before even having a date before.

    Easy example, girl liked me at my job, found my schedule(cashier job) to get on my line and get rung up and slip her number in. I didn't see clingy. We text a little, a bunch of texts back and forth. She wants to hang out the next day. I tell her I got plans and she gets mad at me for not taking a day off from the gym to cuddle with her. At that point I spotted clingy.

    Some couples spend a load of time together, others don't.