Where do I stand with her?

Okay this new girl (little less than a month) joined my workplace and I'm sure she's into me.. she's 18 and I'm 21.

On her first day I pretty much had to show her how to open up and set up the bar (you can serve and drink at 18 here in the UK) and thus we did but already we get on and got some mutual interests like country and piano music, both like cocktails, the beach, and both pretty deep personally.

but also she occasionally seems quite flirtatious to and with me like:- she leans her head against my shoulder, has occasionally 'accidently on purpose' (I think) bumped across me both walking behind and leaning across for something in front of me, looks deep into my eyes, often smiles and strokes her hair, raised her voice playfully going "Hello", runs/tickles her fingertips along my back (imagine running your fingers like playing a piano.. that sorta thing), when I had a drink afterwork she took a sip from the same glass I was drinking from. All that time she (I found out from her a week later) she was in a relationship but it was unstable as it was/is and soon ended once and for all. All the time some workers and regular visitors of the bar see and say if we are dating or some remark about us.. earlier this week from work she called me , then from her phone texted me asking the same thing (I was unable to answer the first call) but this time put 3 kisses (x) on the end of her messages when typically she put one before when we message online.

She may have fairly recently split up with her ex but she's been on first date/meet ups with others but she says they weren't her type or didn't feel comfortable with them (did I say when she sat with me briefly when having a drink afterwork she said 'it feels like we are on a date').

For sure others I've messaged said it sounds like she's really into me but equally I'm at a crossroads wondering if I am a co-worker or more in her eyes and equally unsure if to tread carefully as she recently got out of a relationship or not.

Any info is much appreciated


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  • She's really into you.

    It's just that she doesn't want to use you as a rebound.