So what is the deal here. Date 8 times but still going on

I have dated ( meet for a walk and chat a lot. recent dates are almost two to three hours) one guy eight times. we keep kissing and hugging all the time and always hold hands. But till now he doesn't say anything else. so are we just friends?


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  • What are expecting exactly? A proposal? Sex? I'm no expert when it comes to relationships but that pretty much sounds like what boyfriends and girlfriends do.

    • i never been in a relationship so I don't know what is like a boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out. but he never mentioned he wanna a relationship or whatsoever.

  • It seems that he's just shy to escalate things.

    Ask him where the two of you are standing.

    • i don't think he is shy because he is not shy at all when kissing me in the public...and he always says he is a very sociable person.. you can't be shy if you are sociable right?

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